Non-Fiction Adventures

Travel across the solar system, venture into the ocean depths, and explore the past in our amazing non-fiction stories and races!

Train as an astronaut and run from the Sun to Neptune in 10K in this sensational space race!

Travel back to 1804 to accompany Lewis & Clark on the Corps of Discovery Expedition from Pittsburgh, PA. all the way to the Pacific coast – that’s 3,700 miles!

Can you escape an exploding volcano?

Scale the deepest depths of the ocean in just 10K with explorer Pierre-Yves Cousteau

Run to the top of the tallest mountain on Mars in just 10K

Race side-by-side with your ancestors across one million years of Britain's history

Shrink down to the size of a photon and explore the inner workings of your eye!

Journey across the full 446km length of the Grand Canyon in just 5K or 10K, and learn about its geological and cultural history!

Travel around the world in 72 days with Nellie Bly in this 5-part adventure based on a true story!