Sci-Fi Thrillers

Whether you're thrilled by Aliens or can't get enough of Avengers, you'll love our sci-fi thrillers. Check out our favourites!

Save the Pandora Haze cloud city in this epic 5-part ZR Alternative Universe adventure!

Climb the highest mountain on Mars!

Scale huge cliffs, scramble over craters, and learn about the red planet in this non-fiction New Adventure voiced by Philip Nightingale (Sam Yao).

Join a top secret research expedition and encounter the last of the dinosaurs! If you like Jurassic Park, you'll love this 3-part adventure by Andrea Phillips.

Before your dino expedition, read this essential safety guide by The Extremobiologist Society!

Explore wrecked spaceships and rescue survivors from certain death in this 5-part adventure written by Mur Lafferty and Alasdair Stuart and presented by Escape Pod. Just try not to annoy the drones!

In space, no-one can hear you sprint

The Starship Hephaestus has been silent for three months. Your mission: investigate the transmission failure and recover the crew. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this 5-part ZR Alternate Universe adventure!

From the Sun to Neptune

Embark on a 5K Astronaut Training run and a 10K tour across the Solar System in this non-fiction New Adventure made with the British Science Association!