ZR Alternate Universe

We've transported our main Abel Township cast to all-new sci-fi, fantasy, and ancient worlds. One thing's the same though – they still need your help, Runner 5!

Hold the Line!

Welcome to Hadrian's Wall! You're Roman Auxiliary Quintus: help your friend Samnium avert a terrible battle between the Picts and the Romans, and combat an ancient rising terror!

A Victorian Thriller

Discover the terrible secret that stalks the streets of Victorian London as Worker Five, in the company of Sam Yao...

Search. Rescue. Escape.

The Starship Hephaestus has been silent for months. Your mission: investigate the transmission and recover the crew, in the company of Sam, Jody, and Peter. What could possibly go wrong?

Bring Them Home

The year is 2092. Your ship is on a collision course with Venus – and that's just the start of your problems. Will you, Maxine, Peter, Ellie, and Steve find your way home?

Find Atlantis!

Travel into the ocean deep with Jenny Playfair in search of Atlantis. But with a missing brother and encoded charts, there's more to the story in this Home Workout adventure...