The Abel Township Saga

Save humanity and discover the source of the zombie plague!

A helicopter crash caused by a mysterious attacker leads you to Abel Township. The world may have ended, but your adventure is just beginning!
A new weapon in the fight against the undead, but zombies might be the least of your worries.
Missing friends, new allies, and an insidious signal that threatens everything.
Investigate the origins of the zombie virus, and the corruption spreading through your people.
Some monsters have human form.
Enemies abound and allies in short supply. It's time you learn who your real friends are!
A biker gang with a mission and a man with a dangerous weapon.
An ancient legend, a new location, and a threat hidden in the caves. You're a long way from Abel.
Messages from distant shores, echoes from the past and deadly new enemies. It's a whole new world.
Missing In Action