Dinosaur Dash 2

Return to Ice Base 1 and your expedition to research the last of the dinosaurs. Will you survive the hatching of a baby T-Rex, and a visit from the project's funder? By Andrea Phillips

A Bad Omen
A routine inspection of the cave system turns into a race to save the dinosaurs when a mysterious plane makes its approach.
Camera Shy
A T-rex egg is about to hatch and Baddington wants high-res footage of the event. But something has gone wrong with the feed and you need to save the day... or lose everything!
Hide and Seek
A new dinosaur has been found and, of course, Baddington wants to go after it. But what else is hiding beneath the ice?
Lost World
Trapped in the caves with no way back and a dying drone. Can you find a way out, or will the dinos get you first?