A god is dead, but something is starting to awaken... Prepare for Godmaker, an epic 5-part dark fantasy adventure by award-winning writer Mur Lafferty!

The Household God of Spiders and Lost Wanderers
As apprentice to the Godmaker you learn how to create idols for the people of the Necropolis. But something is hiding in the ossuaries – and the idols are awakening.
The Household God of Laundry and Vengeance
The arrival of guests to the Necropolis spells danger for your friends.
The Household God of Crows and Fertility
Secrets are revealed, but is the price too much to pay?
The Household God of Secrets and Elephants
Are plans being made to help you, or hinder?
The Household God of the Moon and Running
The Rising of the Moon