Hotel Hijinks

Welcome to the Riviera's most glamorous hotel, and prepare for the grand soirée!

Sedula Tacet Apis
Welcome to the Riviera! With the unveiling of a brand new instrument, the Hotel Argos hopes to revitalise its fortunes, but not everyone seems happy about the prospect.
Fingerprints and Pudding Flambé
The calliope is missing and the grand soirée is under threat! Who has an alibi and who has a motive to want the calliope gone?
Alibis and Accomplices
A rare ore, a missing ladle, and secrets aplenty!
Snakes and Ladles
Impactful revelations and serpentine mysteries as you continue your investigations!
Deceit and Dynamite
The calliope is found, but can you capture the culprits before the explosive final performance?