Titan's Shadow

A secret base on Saturn's moon, a malfunctioning AI, and a dark mystery from the past...

A New Future
Twenty years after the Venus Incident, you awake to a brand new world. But it looks like you can't rest yet. In fact, your problems may just be beginning.
Praise the Machine
You've reached Titan's surface, but your problems aren't over yet. You need to reach the AI core if you want to survive the harsh atmosphere of Titan.
Prepare the Machine
In pursuit of a rogue AI, you head into space. But is there something worse than ANNETTE waiting for you?
Bright Eyes
Trapped at the edge of the solar system in a place of impossible geometry. There are bright eyes moving in the darkness.
Fly Away
With the full horror revealed, and a desperate plan to enact, will you fall or will you fly?