Home Run

In conjunction with Internet League Blaseball, we are proud to present fans this classic game broadcast for enjoyment while you run. Knowledge of Blaseball is helpful but not required!

Our proprietary techniques put you in the shoes of famed Blaseball star Pendleton Hampers. Feel the heat of the floodlights! Hear the fell wind blowing from the pitcher's mound! Run the bases as if your life depended on it!

Show your allegiance to your favourite Team: Hit the share button after your run and insert your team name where indicated.

Music courtesy @joshmillard.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You feel like you've been running the bases forever. When the phone rings, you know it's time. Let's play ball.
Have you ever seen so many birds?
There are so many ways this can go. You've been running the bases forever.
~ ~ s c r e ~ a ~ m i n g ~ ~
It's out of here!