A Cruel Bargain

Can you make it through Van Ark's mansion and get the evidence to save London?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Sam leads you, Phil, and Zoe to Van Ark's mansion. You see his carriage leaving for the Crystal Palace Exhibition. A music box plays, one that controls the risen dead. Sam recognises his old housekeeper who is now risen dead.
In Van Ark's study, Sam searches his desk. It triggers a change in the music box tune, which attracts the risen dead housekeeper. You escape out of the window along the balcony.
You kick the housekeeper off the balcony and through a glass roof. She doesn't die, and Phil recalls to kill the risen dead you destroy their heads. Phil finds a letter from Sam's parents. It says Van Ark experimented on himself with something from a plague pit, that "platinum" is key to defeating him and to search the library. Sam concludes Van Ark killed his parents.
You smash into the library, where a music box plays. A fake book reveals a secret passage to a gaslit cellar. The music box tune changes and the risen dead advance.
You destroy the head of a risen dead butler with a brick. You discover Paula, a scientist working for Van Ark so she can find a way to resurrect the love of her life, Maxine. Sam convinces Paula that it isn't what Maxine would have wanted.
Paula shows you her lab where she has been making "zombies" for Van Ark. She believed it would stop people suffering bereavement. She tells you to stop the presentation Van Ark is giving at Crystal Palace. He will sell vials of the plague, which he calls Ichor, so other industrialists can have zombie workforces too. She gives you his business plan and says she will stay to destroy her research.
You escape the mansion with Sam. He isn't sure whether to trust Paula. You grab shovels, ready to attack the zombies. Phil and Zoe run from the house as it explodes - Paula has ignited the gas from the lighting system, sacrificing herself to kill the remaining zombies. You get ready to head to the Crystal Palace.