Amiens to Colombo

Nellie leaves Europe behind, but can she keep on schedule, or will she lose out to her rival?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Nellie's journey continues on a train through Italy en route to Brindisi. The fog seems to have followed Nellie from London, but it soon clears and gives a beautiful view of the Adriatic, just in time to disembark for the next leg of the journey.
Accompanied by Artifoni, a guide, Nellie makes her way to the cable office. Artifoni sorts out how to dispatch it, while Nellie writes the message. She finishes sending it just as they hear a whistle from a steamship and have to run towards the port.
They reach the dock, and thankfully Nellie's ship to Port Said is still there, but they'll need to board quickly. Nellie says goodbye to Artifoni and meets another traveller, Don Marín, who helps her aboard. He informs Nellie that he has been following her travels, and that Elizabeth Bisland is already in Yokohama. Marín takes her to greet the ship's captain and invites her to see the sights of Port Said.
In Port Said, Don Marín takes Nellie to a gambling hall with some other passengers to watch a musical performance. They realise the time and then hurry back to the ship.
On board the ship, Nellie composes a friendly letter to Elizabeth Bisland, talking about her experiences so far. She encounters James O'Very, another passenger, and throws the letter overboard so he can't see it. James still picks up on the affection that Nellie feels for her rival, and encourages her. When the ship musicians begin to play, they begin to dance.
In Colombo, Nellie heads ashore with Marín, and is impressed with how beautiful the island is. Their hotel is like a palace and they have two days there while they await their steamship connection.
A delay with the steamship means Nellie's stay in Colombo has stretched to four days. She explores the wonders of the botantic gardens with Marín and O'Very. While riding a train, Marín panics, worried that the train will fall over, and their talk turns to discussing what they would do in their last minutes. O'Very teases that Nellie would send a letter to Elizabeth Bisland, and Nellie decides that she will send a message to her.
Nellie writes a cable to Elizabeth Bisland, wishing her good luck. Marín has been researching their options for onward travel, but finally their steamship arrives and they can head onwards towards Hong Kong!