Hic Sunt Lupi

A hidden tomb, a suspicious shaman, and a curse that goes back centuries.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You and Samus have been granted 30 acres of farmland in Germania as a reward for helping to save the world from Aeneas. Maybe you'll finally have a chance to rest and recover, although you'll have to build a stockade to keep the sheep safe. There are wolves in those woods! Sam spots smoke rising nearby. It looks like a lot of smoke, so you go to check that everything is okay.
The whole village nearby is burned to the ground. As you search for survivors, Sam's shaman birthmark starts to feel odd. You spot a large raven watching you and when it flies off it leads you to a body. The man was stabbed in the gut and must have dragged himself here before he died. There might be more villagers in the woods! You should go and help them.
It's getting dark and you've lost the trail that you were following. A wolf howls in the distance and Sam says that he's heard the wolves here have a taste for human blood. You hear someone running nearby and decide to catch up with them. You'll be safer together against the wolves!
You follow the person to a clearing. It's Svea, a shaman of the Marcomanni. She summons forest spirits to drive you away, but Sam shows off his birthmark and Svea calls them off – for now. Sam offers your help and Svea agrees. Great evil has already been done in the forest and more may yet come to pass.
Svea leads you to a sacred area and tells you of a shaman who once made an offering to Wotan to save her people. Her sons had been turned into tierkrieger, beast warriors who slaughtered their enemies and many others before the shaman could shackle them in silver chains. Now, four of the tribe from every generation become tierkrieger. It is the shaman's job to shackle them before they come of age and seal them in the tombs. Someone is trying to break into the tombs to release the tierkrieger, but the wards are too strong currently. You need to check all of them to make sure they haven't been breached.
Some of the wards have been damaged and Svea asks for Sam's help to reinforce them. Once that's done, there's only the tomb of the most powerful tierkrieger left. Meanwhile you find a footprint, which looks like it was made by Roman legionary. You should keep it hidden from Svea for now. She still needs your help to seal the tombs.
You reach the final tomb. Even though the wards are untouched, Svea senses an intruder. You help her move the rock sealing the entrance and follow her inside. In the moonlight you see broken silver chains – the tierkrieger are free!