Homo Hominae Lupus Est

Something is hiding in the tombs that shouldn't be awoken.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Svea says that the tierkrieger were obviously loosed by the raiders who've been killing her people. It looks like the tomb was breached from beneath, bypassing the wards that should have protected it. You hear something moving in the darkness and Svea runs after it. You'd better chase after her!
You catch up with Svea and discover that the thing moving in the tomb is Fulvus, a Roman soldier who has deserted his legion, the Wolves of the Rhine. The legion is supposed to be guarding the Emperor's son, Commodus. Fulvus deserted because Commodus was attacking villages and destroying sacred places. He's had his people digging tunnels looking for something. Svea thinks he is looking for the tierkrieger. Fulvus is horrified and says that Commodus must be stopped. He'd heard Commudus talking about something to do with the moon. Svea thinks he must have meant a ritual to take on the form of the tierkrieger. Sam asks Fulvus to show them where they've taken the beast. Maybe they can stop Commodus!
The tunnels beneath the tombs run for miles. Svea says that the caverns were ancient even when her people settled here. Sam doesn't understand why Commodus would do this – he's already been named successor to the Emperor. Fulvus says he thinks Commodus is insecure about being the younger twin. You hear something whimper up ahead and decide to check it out.
You find the source of the noise. It's a Roman soldier half-transformed into a wolf and crucified. Sam wants to free him, but he snarls at you. Fulvus says that Commodus experimented on soldiers he didn't like and then crucified them as offerings to the gods. Sam decideds to kill him rather than leave him to suffer, but what should be a killing blow doesn't work. Svea says that the tierkrieger can only be killed with silver. The wolf-man starts to pull himself free from the nails. You need to run!
The beast is gaining on you and you seem to have reached a dead end! Svea assums that Fulvus has betrayed you, but he shows you a mechanism which reveals a hidden doorway in the rock. You get through, but the beast bites Fulvus's arm, only stopped from doing more damage by his vambrace. Sam reminds you that your brooch is silver and you stab the beast in the heart with the pin. The beast dies, but you aren't out of the woods yet.
You reach Commodus's inner sanctum, which contains an ancient stone altar. Commodus arrives with the Roman soldiers, plus some Germanians and the tierkrieger wrapped in chains. Commodus says he has found the dagger of Romulus along with evidence that Romulus was not the elder brother, but the younger. He says that he is Romulus reborn and he will drink the blood of the wolves of Germania. Despite the danger, Svea steps out to warn him what will happen if he drinks the blood of the tierkrieger. Commodus ignores her and kills the wolf, then he and his men begin drink its blood and begin to transform.