Ab Oribus Luporum

Danger on all sides! Can you survive until the moon sets?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You run through the tunnels as fast as you can while the Romans transform behind you. Maybe you can lose them in the forest. You climb back up into the tierkriegers' tomb and help Sam to collect some of the silver chain that bound the tierkrieger. Svea says that the tierkrieger must return beneath the ground when the full moon sets, so maybe you can keep ahead of them until then. You'll need to keep running though.
Outside, Fulvus explains his bitterness towards Commodus. He has so much power and wealth and could improve things for everyone across the Empire, but he cares only for himself. You hear the wolves chasing you and they throw the head of a deer at you. Svea says they're playing and Commodus believes himself to be Wotan leading the Wild Hunt. She says there's a ruined settlement nearby where the goat corral still stands. It might give you some protection.
You reach the goat corral just in time, but the wolves seem determined. Svea explains that the curse is passed from shaman to shaman, and that the tierkrieger that Commodus killed was her oldest son. Once a year he returned to human form and Svea could speak with him, but now she has lost that too. You hear scratching and realise that the wolves are working together to get over the fence. Quick, to the other gate!
These wolves seem smarter than they should be. Fulvus wonders if Commodus's willpower was strong enough to resist the curse. Svea wonders if the gods have abandoned you. There's only a few minutes until the moon sets. You're almost safe! One of the wolves snaps at you and you hit it with the silver chain, which seems to burn it. You reach a steep slope down to the Rhine and scramble down to find the river frozen. Svea says it is a portent of the Wild Hunt. You have no choice but to head onto the ice and hope it holds your weight.
You're almost across the river, but the ice is beginning to crack. The wolves have you surrounded on three sides. You're trapped! Sam says you just have to wait for the moon to set, but Fulvus tells you that it's still bright overhead. It isn't setting! The ice breaks and Fulvus falls into the water. The current will drag him downstream where the water should be shallower. Clear a path with that chain and maybe you can still save him.
You make it to the bank and Sam wants to look for Fulvus, but Svea objects. Sam starts to search anyway, but Svea points out that the wolves have beaten you there. They drag Fulvus out of the water and bear him away into the forest. Sam is determined to stop Commodus and Svea agrees to help.