Omnes Una Manet Nox

Secrets revealed and a godly encounter, as you take drastic measures.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You follow Commodus and the wolves to a ravine, which they leap across without any problems, leaving you on the other side. Commodus mocks you and reveals that Fulvus is his twin brother. He also reveals that he has Svea's sons. Commodus creates a portal to the afterlife and the wolves enter it. There's a bridge nearby, but you'll need to be quick. The portal won't last long!
You're too late – the portal has closed. Svea knows you have visited the afterlife once and begs Sam to take you there again. Sam says he doesn't know how. You're interrupted by a horn blowing. Wotan's Wild Hunt approaches. Svea says that at the end of the hunt Wotan returns to Helheim. Since Commodus opened the portal on her lands, that is the afterlife he would go to. But you'll have to be fast to reach the hunt!
You reach the Wild Hunt and watch as they capture and kill a woman. Her spirit rises to join the hunt itself. The hunt hounds have spotted you, so Svea steps out and addresses Wotan. She explains about Commodus trespassing in Wotan's domain and asks for passage to Helheim. Wotan is unimpressed and makes you the next quarry of the hunt! Better run!
You reach the banks of the Rhine and Svea says that you must jump in. Even if you die, it's better than being torn apart by the dogs. Sam wants to try opening a portal. He can feel the power of the Rhine, and manages to create one. But he's also summoned ravens, the servants of Wotan. You must run!
You're surrounded by so many ravens that you can't see past them, and they peck and claw at you. You hear Wotan approach and the ravens leave. Wotan says that his ravens have brought news of intruders in his realm. He will take you to Helheim. Put your hands on the flanks of his horse and run!
You reach the edge of a cliff, which Wotan says is where mortals can pass into his realm. The ravens form a bridge and you're able to see through the weft of the world into Wotan's realm. You touch the horse again and Wotan leads you into Helheim.
The bridge has changed to wood and you're awed to see Yggdrasil, the World Tree. From here you can see all things, including the different realms, and even Fenris, the wolf that will end the world. Wotan says that whatever Commodus is doing is enraging Fenris, who strains as his bonds. As you watch, one of his shackles breaks.