Bono Malum Superate

Ragnarok approaches! It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men. Can you stop Commodus before he brings about the end of everything?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You travel towards Helheim with Wotan. He points out that Fenris is nearly free and will devour the sun. Wotan can hold Fenris back for a time, but you will need to stop Commodus quickly. Wotan says that if you do, you will be in his favour. Svea says that isn't enough and demands that Wotan end the curse of the tierkrieger. Reluctantly, Wotan agrees. Fenris frees himself and Wotan warns you not to spill any blood in this realm. He disguises you and gives you the ability to speak to each other without words. Take this path down to Helheim, quickly!
When you walk into Helheim, you and Svea turn into tierkrieger as a disguise. Only Sam remains untouched because of his shaman mark. Svea sniffs at Fulvus's helmet to get his scent. Sam can't join you because he would be found, but he'll walk along a branch over the fog of Niflhel and guide you from there. Let's hunt!
Sam can see the heavens from where he is. He says that Wotan is holding onto Fenris, but he's struggling. He can only just see you and Svea through the mist. You're near the Wolves of the Rhine and your scent seems to fool them, but you mustn't let them see you. Svea catches Fulvus's scent, and Sam guides you through the ranks of the tierkrieger. Unfortunately, they spot you. Sam distracts them from his branch and tells you to follow Fulvus's scent.
Svea checks on Sam, who hid in a knot in the wood until the wolves went past. You find Fulvus with Svea's sons. Commodus is bleeding the tierkrieger, who will bleed forever in Helheim. Fulvus apologises for not telling you that he was Commodus's brother. He says that Commodus believes Fenris is Rome incarnate and if he kills Fulvus, as Romulus killed Remus, his dream will become reality. You try to free Fulvus, but he tells you that only Commodus can unshackle him. You'll have to bring Commodus back quickly!
You corner Commodus, but it turns out to be a trap and you're ambushed by several of his wolves. They attack you and Svea, but Sam is able to use his shaman power to speak with beasts to return them to their human forms. No longer wolves, the soldiers run away, leaving Commodus to you. Svea wants to kill him, but you've been told to spill no mortal blood. As you grab Commodus, Fenris breaks free of the final shackle. You must be quick!
Svea forces Commodus to release her sons. The tierkrieger vanish into the mist and Svea gets to say goodbye. She can feel that the curse has been lifted. Sam points out that Fenris has calmed and Wotan is able to keep hold of him. You free Fulvus, who pushes Commodus onto a thorn, killing him and claiming command of Rome for himself. Wotan is furious his warning against spilling mortal blood in Helheim wasn't heeded and banishes you. He sends Fenris to "escort" you out. Better run!
You return to the mortal realm. The Wolves of the Rhine are following Fulvus now, who says that he will repair the damage done to Svea's villages and leave her lands. He departs along with the soldiers. Sam is unconvinced by what Fulvus said and Svea agrees he was most likely lying. Svea thanks you for your help and says that Wotan has granted you a boon. Both you and she can now turn into wolves at will, when the moon is full. Svea is pleased that she will be able to feel what her sons felt. Dawn is coming.