Satan Claus

A delivery of letters has arrived at the gates of Hell, and you, demon, have been assigned the task of delivering on the bargains made in those letters. Don't let Hell down!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You are a demon and have been summoned to Earth by Abaddon to undertake a task for your master. Hell has received a number of letters address to 'Satan Claus', and Satan isn't going to leave them unanswered. The demons of Hell have been assigned the job of delivering the gifts requested by the letters. Satan himself possesses one of the toys to instruct the assembled demons that they have a single night to complete the task, which leads to Abaddon and Fester bickering after Fester is a suck-up. It's going to be a long night.
Abaddon hurries you and Screech along, worried that if he loses to Fester then he'll be demoted and sent to The Pits. Screech and Abaddon muse on the nature of this 'Christmas Father' and wonder how the letters made it to Hell in the first place. The postal system is a true mystery! You reach the next house, but it everyone is awake. You need to figure out how to get in without being seen!
Ariel, aged six and a half, has requested a unicorn and you oblige by copying her drawing. You're not sure it's supposed to scuttle like that and it seems a bit aggressive. And stabby. You beat a hasty retreat!
You and Screech get the unicorn under control, but you still need to get it inside. As you approach the house, you hear people arguing and smell the scent of burning. Just like home! What would the Christmas Father do? Of course, the roof!
Abaddon stuffs Screech into the chimney and demands that you help. You're interrupted by Fester who brags that his team have finished their deliveries and he's returning to Hell to tell the boss and earn a promotion. Fester tries to create a portal, but his powers no longer work because it's too cold. He leaves you to continue your deliveries. Abaddon says that if you don't get back before the gates of Hell close, you'll freeze up here. So get down that chimney!
You tie the unicorn to the Christmas tree and then attempt to escape, only to be interrupted by a human. She tries to tempt you with a mince pie and Abaddon isn't impressed by such a blatant trick. Screech drags you out of the house, leaving the humans behind.
You need to hurry to make it back to the gates of Hell before Fester shuts them, but you're a bit lost. You encounter a strange man with reindeer and a sleigh. Abaddon recognises him as the "postman" who delivered the letters to Satan. It's the Christmas Father! He ran into trouble at the start of the night and outsourced some of the letters. As a sign of goodwill, he offers to give you a lift back to Hell. You climb onto the sleigh and away you go!
You arrive at the gates just as they're closing. No time to land the sleigh, you'll have to jump! You make it through and Fester is shocked to see you. He taunts Abaddon who chases after him, leaving you and the others to amble back to Hell. It's good to be home!