Volcano Race

When you joined the Mt. Archie Volcanic Observatory, you thought it'd be an easy routine – but now the tremors have begun, and it's a 10k race for your life!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
It's early morning and you're starting the day at Station 18, fixing the satellite transmitter. River points out how lovely the view is, but all is not okay. River tells you to run back to the jeep. The COSPEC is detecting a sulfur dioxide spike. But it's probably nothing. As you head back, you hear an explosion. Mt. Archie is erupting! You'd better get running.
River manages to contact you over the radio again. You need to get back to the jeep quickly. Thankfully the eruption was on the other side of the mountain to you; even you couldn't outrun the pyroclastic flow! But you're still a kilometer up the slope of an erupting volcano and there's more trouble ahead.
You're almost at the jeep, but there's bad news. The blast from the eruption knocked down a lot of trees, and one of them crushed the jeep. The column of ash from the eruption means they can't send the helicopter to pick you up either, but River has an idea. You hear the boom of volcanic lightning, and River tells you that while they can't get a jeep out to your position, if you can make it a few kilometers down the road, they'll be able to pick you up.
You're about a kilometer from the stream, but River is having trouble seeing you through the ash. You narrowly avoid being crushed by volcanic bombs - magma that hardens into rocks as it falls - and they're followed by more ash. You cover your mouth with a bandana to avoid breathing in the volcanic glass that makes up most of the ash. You're on track, and a little less than halfway to the road. Keep going!
The stream is clogged with ash when you reach it, very unpleasant to cross, but essential. River is worried about the snowcap on the mountain melting from the heat. There's another earthquake. The vent nearest to you has erupted and the snow has melted. There's a boiling mudslide - a lahar -- heading your way at 140km an hour. They follow existing drainage routes, so you need to get out of the stream and onto higher group quickly. Run!
The lahar sweeps away all the trees on the slop, but you're safe! River promises that you will never have to buy yourself another drink as long as you get out of this alive. Your route ahead looks relatively clear. You're about 5km from the road, but the ash is only going to get deeper so you'd better hurry.
You head coughing ahead, and a cry for help, and head towards it. Tyler explains that they were out camping and got caught out by the eruption. River is unimpressed, since there were signs saying the trail was closed because of the eruption hazard. You give Tyler a bandanna, and River says that there is room in the rescue jeep for both of you, but yu need to keep running. The air is getting hotter.
The air is getting unbearably hot, and River can't see anything because of the ash in the air. Whatif you're going in the wrong direction? Tyler remembers that they brought a compass, and River gives you the bearings to head for to reach the road. The thick ash is making it difficult to move quickly though, but you're nearly there.
Tyler says that it seems to be getting lighter behind you. River explains that that isn't a good thing. A nearby vent has opened up, and there's lava heading your way. It can't move quickly, but it is setting the trees on fire. Tyler says that it's a bit like being chase by a zombie in a movie, but as long as you keep running you should be able to outrun it.
Another earthquake throws you off balance, and Tyler sprains their ankle. You'll have to support them over the last kilometer until you reach the road.
Tyler looks back and realises that the lava is gaining on you. The horizon is lit up like a fire, and it's getting even hotter. Tyler suggests leaving them and going ahead, but River tells you to keep going. You're going to make it!
You reach the road and spot headlights. River is there with the jeep and helps you into it. You set off towards the observatory, and there you can take a shower and Tyler will be taken to the hospital. You survived the volcano! Your reward? Probably doing spreadsheets. There's a lot of data to collect and plenty to learn.