Training Mission

Set out on your first assignment as "Technical Intern", gathering data on Mt. Archie for a team of volcanologists in this 5k run!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You get your first look at Mt. Archie, and River, one of the volcanologists you're working for, points out a fallen tree over the road ahead. River tells you to grab a radio from the car so you can keep talking. River says they've been keeping an eye on Mr. Archice because the volcano is threatening to erupt. You will be helping the volcanologists to collect data, and taking care of the two remote stations which have stopped transmitting.
You're a kilometer from Station 17. River says that the volcano has been making lots of seismic noise recently, causing lots of little earthquake clusters, but don't worry! You're not on imminent volcanic hazard alert right now. You cross over a stream and realise the air is starting to smell bad - that's the sulphur from the volcano. Hurry up, you're nearly there!
You reach Station 17 and River guides you through checking the equipment. There's a portable seismometer that lets the team work out the location of the earthquakes, and a tiltmeter which tells the team if magma is building up underground. Everything looks good, and when you reset the satellite transmitter, the station comes back online. Now to check Station 18!
You feel a rumbling and a branch falls in the wood ahead of you. River says that the earthquake was about a 5.0 magnitude, and th aftershocks will be smaller. You need to hurry to Station 18 because it's monitoring one of Mt. Archie's vents.
You see a helicopter overhead. River says that it's doing some thermal imaging. But the trees are too thick for it to pick you up so you'll need to keep running instead of getting a lift.
You reach Station 18 which is a bit more advanced in terms of set-up. You check on the thermal imaging camera, and the Correlation Spectrometer, which senses the amount of sulphur dioxide the volcano is releasing. The more suphur, the closer an eruption is to occuring. You try to find the satellite transmitter, but it's gone missing. You'd better look around for it!
You find the transmitter and reset it, bringing the station back online. Everything seems to be working normally, but River will probably have you come back out to the station tomorrow to bolt the transmitter back down. You should head back to camp. Dessert is nearly ready!