Running On Fumes

Training Mission 1 out now!

April 25, 2024

Zombies, Run! VIP subscribers can now run the first of two Training Missions for our Spring Virtual Race: Running On Fumes!

With just 24 hours of fuel left, Abel Township needs a miracle. Join Jody and Janine on a high-risk supply run to an abandoned settlement. There's a gathering storm on the horizon and a gauntlet of hungry zoms to run. Worst of all, an uncompromising biker gang are tracking the same precious resources.

Check out the trailer for this thrilling standalone story and buy yourself an exclusive Medal Pack to get the full Virtual Race experience. ICYMI, there's still time to unlock the secrets of this mysterious broadcast...

Training Mission 2 arrives next week, and the 5K and 10K Race Missions launch Thu 9 May.

Access Running On Fumes and the full back catalogue of Virtual Races with a Zombies, Run! VIP subscription.