Magic and mystery await as you take a tour of another world in our Fantasy New Adventure collection!


When two duelling wizards crash the Sorceror's Realm theme park, only Peasant #3 (that's you!) can save the day! Grab your costume, and don't forget your lines in this 2-part New Adventure!

Rule Britannia

Welcome to Hadrian's Wall! You're Roman Auxiliary Quintus: help your friend Samnium avert a terrible battle between the Picts and the Romans, and combat an ancient rising terror, in this 5-part Zombies, Run! Alternate Universe adventure!


A god is dead, but something else is starting to awaken... Discover the secrets of the Necropolis in this 5-part epic by award-winning author Mur Lafferty

Pax Germanica

In this 5-part Zombies, Run! Alternate Universe adventure, a peaceful retirement in Germania awaits you after your service in Britannia. But something deadly lurks in the forests, and an ancient prophecy threatens to end your peace forever.

Dragon Flight

As the newest recruit to the Dragon Corps, you have a lot to prove, especially to your dragon partner. Learn spells, take to the air, and fight against the darkness in this 5-part New Adventure!

The Great Zodiac Race

Gain the favour of the Jade Emperor as you take part in the Great Zodiac Race!

Always a Timesmaid

Will you be doomed to repeating this wedding forever, or can you and the maid of honour break the time loop, in this 2-part New Adventure?

Little Red

A basket full of medicine for grandmother, and a walk through the deep, dark woods. But are there worse things than wolves on your trail?