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When zombies are closing in, sometimes running isn't the only option! Warning: mild spoilers for Season 2!

Whether you're thrilled by Aliens or can't get enough of Avengers, you'll love our sci-fi thrillers. Check out our favourites!

We've transported our main Abel Township cast to all-new sci-fi, fantasy, and ancient worlds. One thing's the same though – they still need your help, Runner 5!

Travel across the solar system, venture into the ocean depths, and explore the past in our amazing non-fiction stories and races!

Running doesn't have to be serious business! Exercise your funny bone with hilarious fantasy and time-travelling New Adventures, along with our favorite light-hearted Zombies, Run! missions.

Do you like the chill on the back of your neck? Do you crave the adrenaline rush of fear? Do you need something terrifying to run from? Then our horror collection is for you!