Jolly Alpha Five Niner

BEFORE YOU RUN: Tap ‘Music’ to choose a playlist and ‘Tracking’ to activate your GPS or accelerometer! Strap tight into that helicopter seat, it’s going to be a bumpy ride...


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Your helicopter is hit by a rocket and crashes - Abel radio operator Sam helps you escape the wreckage.
As you flee, the Township’s Doctor Myers requests you detour to collect medical supplies from a nearby hospital.
You are christened Runner 5 and your supply-gathering duties begin with a CDC file.
Doctor Myers recognises the box you’ve collected as very important - guard it with your life as you escape an incoming horde.
Abel’s head of runners encourages you as you flee a zombified previous Runner 5.
Sam is distraught to see the old Runner 5 shot, but you arrive safely in Abel.