A Voice in the Dark

You’re far from home, and your radio has been silent for hours. Is anyone even looking for you? Chances are slim...


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Sam calls out to you, not knowing whether or not you’re alive. The Township gates are open, but if the zombies get there before you, you’ll be barred outside with the undead.
Sam muses about your life, hoping you’re still alive to hear him, and exasperated that he can’t remember where the ice cream went in ice cream rolls before the apocalypse.
Sam tells you about his life as an engineering student before the apocalypse.
Sam wonders whether his family have survived the outbreak. He’s doubtful.
Almost out of time, Sam informs you that the Abel gates are about to be barred. At the last moment, he spots you approaching.
You’re on his scanners; he begs you to run to safety as the soldiers secure your safe return with covering fire.