The Old Mill

Doctor Myers needs you to collect some medpacks. And if you encounter any of those New Canton runners, you’ll work out what to do.


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You’re heading to the old mill to pick up valuable med packs and food.
Sam and Maxine further explain the rivalry between Abel and New Canton. You hear someone calling for help as you approach the old mill.
A lone survivor from a New Canton supply mission is stranded on the roof of the mill. The zombies surrounding him decide you’re an easier target…
The survivor introduces himself as Lem - as he tells you the story of how he got stuck on the roof, he realises he’s been bitten.
Lem says farewell to his girlfriend Nadia, the New Canton radio operator, before turning off his headset and giving it to you.
You hear Nadia calling out Lem’s name over his headset as you return to Abel.