The stakes have been raised and New Canton is now the least of your worries. You have one objective: to survive.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Runner 4 is barely outrunning the zombies. Unless the incoming horde is distracted, it will destroy Abel.
Runner 7 demands backup with noisemakers in order to split up the horde. Runner 8 joins the melee.
The Runners split the horde. Janine confirms more zombies incoming from Red Settlement, which has fallen. You head to the gorge with Runner 8.
The Runners keep Sam updated with their progress. Child zombies attack and kill Runner 6.
You and Runner 8 are to run to Imran Park, where a bridge over the gorge could trick the pack into plunging to their deaths.
Runner 8 checks in with Sam from high ground. Amongst the remaining zoms heading for Abel, you see them working together to wield a rocket launcher. Your comms cut off with the sound of the rocket launching.