A Perilous Pursuit

London is at stake if you can't get the news out! But who's on your tail?


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Phil hurries you and Sam towards Fleet Street to give word of your discovery to the Inquirer. Sam is conflicted - his parents chose Van Ark as his guardian and this news could ruin him. Phil says the safety of London is at stake.
Amelia has followed you. She reminds Phil the paper is owned by a friend of Van Ark's. When Sam counters that he'd rather tell the police, she tells him that they're corrupt, before letting you know you've been followed by two large men. You try to shake them off by entering the Inquirer building.
The two men catch up with you inside the Inquirer. They work for Van Ark and blame you and Phil for leading Sam astray. You escape, tipping over a barrel of ink, which the men slip in. You, Phil, and Sam run away down an alley.
Sam wants to try another newspaper, but Phil says you can't fight money. But Sam can! He's never touched his inheritance. Phil advises hiring a lawyer first, and you all head to the bank.
At Sam's fancy bank, he discovers all his inheritance has gone - withdrawn by his uncle. Some thugs enter and tell Sam he's to be escorted to an asylum at Van Ark's request. You, Phil, and Sam escape through the window.
Sam is devastated the money his parents left him has been stolen and spent by Van Ark on his terrible project. As you flee from the heavies through a livestock market, Phil tells you a rich friend has a large house nearby where you could hide.
You make it to Phil's friend's house. She is a successful fiction writer called Zoe and she agrees to help you. It could inspire her next novel.