A Horror Vanquished

The stakes are high as Van Ark takes to the stage. Can you stop him before his plan destroys the world?


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You arrive at the Crystal Palace with Sam, Phil, and Zoe. The Ichor will be inside Van Ark's curtained booth. You and Sam go to destroy it. Phil and Zoe stay behind to create a distraction if you're discovered.
In the booth you and Sam discover the Ichor serum. The exhibition map says you're close to Sissay's Incinerators, so you pick up the crate of bottles and head there to destroy it.
You and Sam throw the crate of Ichor serum into the incinerator. Amelia arrives, having pickpocketed an invitation. When Sam tells her you blew up Van Ark's mansion, she returns his parents' watch, venturing that it might be platinum. She reveals Phil and Zoe have been captured and taken to the stage by one of Van Ark's men.
Van Ark begins his talk about lazy workers. He brings out a crate containing "Subject Z" - a zombie. The crowd is too dense to get through, so you head for a staircase leading to the girders overhead.
You watch from the girders as Van Ark says he will use his musical device to make Subject Z attack Phil and Zoe. You destroy the music box by jumping from the girders. Van Ark is bitten and loses control of his audience. He pushes the zombie into the crowd where it goes on a rampage.
The industrialists become a horde of zombies. The incinerator lights up the drapes and the zombies inside Crystal Palace. You must barricade the doors to stop the horde escaping into London.
You have barricaded the doors and most of the flaming zombies are trapped inside Crystal Palace. But one has escaped! It heads towards a crowd of onlookers.
The flaming zombie is Van Ark! He isn't destroyed because he has imbibed a unique strain of the plague that allows him to regenerate and never die. His burns heal. Sam confronts him about killing his parents and using their money for terrible ends. He holds up the platinum watch and the music box within it plays. It causes Van Ark to disintegrate. You've saved the world! What's next for you all? A date, a newspaper serial, and a plan to use Van Ark's fortune for the better.