Part 1: Training Mission 1

In a world where humans and zombies are about to collide... one man's life will change forever. Coming to a headset near you.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Lights up! Jack and Eugene have written a "brilliantly self-referential, light-hearted, genre-savvy" script and with Sam's blessing they're going to perform it for you while you're out on Runner duties.
Their story opens with Eugene on his way to an audition for a cooking show. Andrea, his agent, tells him there's increased security at the venue. There's a live recording that'll swamp the main entrance.
Eugene is driven from Euston to the venue, where a Runner will take him through the main door security. When he arrives the crowd is huge and frantic. He's ushered through quickly and into make-up.
The audition begins, but the auto-cue isn't moving and there's something disturbing about that crowd. The interview is cancelled ("technical issues") and the Runner, coughing now, abruptly shows Eugene out of the stage door.
Eugene drives out of London. Andrea doesn't think he should leave the city in case he's called back for the audition, but he's promised a friend he'll stay over. His gut told him to get out of London too, which Andrea writes off as anxiety. There's a huge traffic jam and Eugene gets out of his car to investigate. In the distance, the clamour of zombies.
Eugene flees through the woods, a horde of zombies in pursuit. Suddenly he trips! To be continued...