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Death Wish

VR14 (Halloween 2022)

Runners of the Round Table

VR13 (Spring 2022)

Jack & Eugene's World Tour

VR12 (2021)

Die Rise

VR11 (Halloween 2020)

The Abel Manor Murders

VR10 (Spring 2020)

Escape From Runaway Fairground

VR9 (Halloween 2019)

Train to Oban

VR8 (Spring 2019)

Tomorrow Island

VR7 (Halloween 2018)

Tactical Zombie Division

VR6 (Spring 2018)


VR5 (Halloween 2017)

European Rescue Force

VR4 (Spring 2017)

The Xia-Hifa Heist

VR3 (Autumn 2016)

Nuclear Threat

VR2 (Spring 2016)

Run for Abel

VR1 (Autumn 2015)