The Home Front

Trapped alone by a zombie super-horde, tune in to see how your friends are coping and staying fit. A series of home workouts for when you can't get out to run.

You're in lockdown! Cut off from Abel by a horde, luckily you've got Sam on comms to keep you company.
Jody is holed up in a warehouse surrounded by zombies. Thankfully she has plenty of supplies and a list of exercises from Maxine!
Janine is broadcasting Ministry-approved indoor workout with a mysteriously curated musical selection.
Shut away with no Rofflenet connection, it's lucky that Sam has Janine's notes for company!
Movie marathons were never this risky! Trapped in the projection box, Peter keeps his spirits up with a cult classic.
Public Broadcast Radio at its finest. Phil is stuck in the radio studio, so he might as well use his time to stay in touch.
Out of the frying pan, into the fire, when you try to break into a shopping centre. Luckily those exercises you've been practising might come in handy!
Trapped in a cinema with only films for company, Peter has developed a new film inspired fitness plan to keep himself occupied.
Being trapped with other people can be just as hard as being tapped alone, but Janine is back with a specially curated musical selection and advice on carving out time for yourself.
Essential maintenance is taking Abel off air for a while, but there's still time for one last set of exercises and a few heartfelt messages.
A damaged transmitter, a mall full of zombies, and a radio on the fritz! You'll need all of your skills to get back in touch with Abel!
Fight alongside the universe's mightiest heroes with Peter's movie inspired workout!
Being cooped up is hard, but Nadia has some seated exercises to share from her time as an air traffic controller.
A landslide has scattered the horde! Sam broadcasts from Abel's kitchens and gets you ready to take advantage of their disarray.
There's nothing Grimm about these exercises! Phil and Zoe give a classic a twist.
Something's jumbling an antenna signal right when you need it most! Can you make it through the mall to stop it?
A salvaged military drone gives Janine an idea. But a lack of sleep and spare wires could lead to disaster. Can she pull it off?
Time for some housework, Runners! With the help of Sam and a game of Demons & Darkness, can you scrub away the slaughterworms? ACTIVITIES: Clean commonly-used surfaces, Dust, Sweep/Vacuum, Mop
Welcome back to the Lair of the Abhorroghast! Roll for initiative as you take on the depths of the dungeon. ACTIVITIES: Clean windows, Clean oven, Clean the Shower, Scrub the toilet
You're in uncharted territory as you head into the unmapped parts of Spectrum Mall. Can you find what's disrupting the antenna signal?
Are you ready to travel back to the 80s with Artemus Thurman's exercise tape?
It's time for another fairytale retelling with Phil and Zoe, as they tackle the story of Little Red Riding Hood!
Things have been tough in New Canton lately, but Nadia is still showing up with some seated workouts to keep you going.
You're on the path of the mysterious stranger in Spectrum Mall, but is there more going on than meets the eye?
Nostalgic for her childhood, Jody jumps into some kid-friendly workouts. Ready to visit the Safari Park?
Relive Janine's MI5 days with a message from the mysterious Agent Reynard!
Enter the belly of the beast as you explore the dark secrets lying underneath Spectrum Mall.
Janine leads you in battle against the giant spiders at Rackthorn Castle! Can you lay waste to the arachnids?
Sam guides you back to Castle Rackthorn but your victory feast is interrupted by a familiar face. Activities: Pick up Rubbish, Scrub and Polish, Dust
A secret bunker, a cursed book, and a secret revealed. Will you discover the truth about Artemus Thurman?
Trapped underground with only a dead man for company. You might have more on your plate than you can handle!
Hello Citizens! Zoe's on a supply run, Phil is keeping an eye on the zoms, and you? You're the moral support.
Captured by the Thurmanbots, you need to escape before they can complete their mysterious ritual!
Thurman's drills are ravaging the area. You need to put an end to this, and fast!
With Thurman vanquished and the superhorde dispersing, it's time to head on home.